IPhone owners complain about cracking smartphone cameras

More and more owners of iPhone X complain about the problem with the protective glass of the main photo module of the smartphone. Often in their complaints, users write that they do not drop their mobile phones, the phone is always in the case. Attempts to contact the Apple Store lead nowhere: they offer non-warranty repairs for $ 549.

This was written by one of the owners of the smartphone, which linked the appearance of cracks and chips with cold weather. True, a similar problem is observed in those who are in the warm regions, transmits9to5mac. If you believe the descriptions, the defect makes itself felt unexpectedly.

It is noted that the issue of the fragility of sapphire glass has risen since the time of the iPhone 7, but Apple has been assured of the practicality of the material. The exact reasons for the possible defect of the iPhone X camera can not be named, since no one has been able to catch the “very moment” of his appearance. However, the number of complaints is growing.

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