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In the “Clover” there was an internal currency – you can buy real goods



You can not buy clovers for money, but you can already exchange them for food.

VKontakte added virtual currency “clover” to the online quiz “Clover”. Domestic money can be spent on extra life or on goods from partners – the first was “Dodo Pizza”.  was told about this in the press service of the social network.

According to representatives of “VKontakte”, the claws earned in the game can be spent on the purchase of real goods or stickers. To get them, you need to perform certain actions: go into the game (10 clovers), inspect it to the end (30 clovers) and so on.

The dodster in Dodo Pizza will cost around 1450 clovers in the Clover (in reality it costs about 160 rubles). Bonus life – 299 clovers, it allows you to continue the game after an incorrect answer. You can not buy a virtual currency for real money.

May 13, the appearance of clover in one of the games confirmed Ivan Urgant, who led the quiz. He did not disclose the details, but hinted at the opportunity to buy real goods and bonus lives.

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