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In Oregon, a high school student was kicked out of the lesson for supporting Trump

He came to the class in a T-shirt with a quote from the president. Now the teenager is suing the school.

A teenager from Oregon claims that he was kicked out of the class by a security guard after he refused to remove the T-shirt that approved Trump’s policy and the wall on the border that the president had promised to build.

On the shirt was a picture of Trump’s quote “The Wall has just become 10 feet taller.” So the American leader reacted to the proposal not to force Mexico to pay for the construction of the border wall in 2016.

According to the senior student, he was asked to cover the inscription and never again to come to this school shirt in an educational institution. After that, he filed a lawsuit against the school. In his lawsuit, he claims that such claims violate the first amendment to the country’s constitution, in particular, the right to freedom of speech.

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