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In Moscow, an armed man took hostages a family of neighbors

In “Classmates” the Muscovite complains that the state did not protect him from “black realtors”.

Alexander Borovoy. Photos of Telegram-channel 112

In the east of Moscow on Molostovy Street, an armed man took three family members hostage, Tass reported . The special forces of Rosgvardia and the emergency services arrived in the place. According to Izvestia, the Muscovite is armed with two Saiga carbines.

According to RIA Novosti, Borovoi shot a ceiling and locked three family members in one of the rooms. The cordon of the apartment was also confirmed by Interfax in the metropolitan police.

On his page in Odnoklassniki 48-year-old Alexander Borovoi blames the “black realtors” and the state that failed to protect him.

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