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In Irkutsk, the thief himself came to the police, having seen a video about himself in Instagram

He returned the kidnapped, but he still faces imprisonment.

In Irkutsk, the thief voluntarily came to the police, having seen a video about himself in Instagram, the regional department of the Interior Ministry reported .

According to the suspect, he stole the technique from the apartment of a woman with whom he drank alcohol together with a friend. With a girl, they first met in one of the city’s supermarkets. After the feast the hostess fell asleep, and the young people left, taking the phone and the TV with them.

The man admitted that he decided to come to blame when he saw the video in social networks. He returned the stolen technique to the victim. Against him, a criminal case was opened on part 2 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code (theft). He faces a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to five years.

The MVD noted that criminals often themselves blamed themselves for seeing themselves on video in social networks and the media that the police distribute. The police came on their own by an auto-racer and a young man who had stolen a phone from a woman with a stroller.

Video of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Irkutsk region

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