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In Chelyabinsk painted a portrait of Elon Musk

Urbanists have transformed the transformer box into an art object.

Portrait MUsk on transformer box. Photo: "Chelyabinsk urbanist"
Portrait MUsk on transformer box. Photo: “Chelyabinsk urbanist”
Portrait Musk on transformer box. Photo: “Chelyabinsk urbanist”

Activists from the community “Chelyabinsk urbanist” painted a portrait of the head of SpaceX and Tesla at one of the buildings of the Chelyabinsk university SUSU. The portrait was placed on a transformer box.

The idea for drawing was chosen on a competitive basis. To dedicate the art object to Ilona Musk was offered by Chelyabinskite Nikita Nebogatov.

Ilon is one of the few people in the world who are desperately pushing humanity into the future. A living legend. He has specific goals, and he, in spite of everything, really achieves them.

We believe that science should be outside politics and have no boundaries. We are equally admired by all the people on Earth who care about what mankind is waiting for, and what happens to our native planet.

Lev Vladov
Leader of the community “Chelyabinsk urbanist”

Transformer booth Chelyabinsk urbanists paint from last year. The bunk with Elon Musk became the 22nd .

The constructions are cleaned from ads and rust, apply a pattern and cover it with an anti-vandal lacquer. The money is spent by subscribers.

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