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Eight women accused Morgan Freeman of harassment

Updated: Freeman apologized to all who “felt uncomfortable or offended” because of his actions.

Morgan Freeman. CNN Photos
Morgan Freeman. CNN Photos
Morgan Freeman, who is known for the films “Shawshank’s Escape” and “Illusion of Deception,” was accused of harassment and obscene behavior. The material CNN 16 people said they were aware of the actions of the actor, eight of them admitted that they were his victims.

The TV channel noted that it was seeking commentary on the “dozens” of people who know Freeman, and some of them did not recall anything obscene.

Assistant director in the film “Go Beautiful” in 2015 said that Freeman allowed himself unwanted touch: “He tried to pull my skirt up and asked if I put on underwear.” Senior producer on the film “Illusion of deception” in 2012 added that the actor regularly commented on the figures of the assistants.

Four more people noted that Freeman constantly made the co-workers feel uncomfortable. Two people added that the actor touched them on the set “Go away beautifully.” About harassment also told several journalists who worked with the actor on press tours, and employees of the company Freeman Revelations Entertainment. Representatives of the actor have not yet commented on the charges.

Updated at 21:10: Freeman apologized in a statement BuzzFeed.

Everyone who knows me or worked with me knows that I am not someone who deliberately insulted someone or made them feel uncomfortable. I apologize to all who felt uncomfortable or offended – I did not want this.

Morgan Freeman

Since October 2017, actresses, directors, producers have accused of sexual harassment of Harvey Weinstein , Kevin Spacey , Louis C Kay , the director of “The X-Men” Brett Ratner, Steven Seagal , Lars von Trier , Michael Douglas , Casey Affleckand James Franco .

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