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British journalist on the air stopped the galloping horse

And as if nothing had happened continued reportage.

Correspondent of the British Sky Sports channel Hayley Moore (Hayley Moore) on the air stopped the frenzied galloping horse. The animal dropped his jockey from the saddle, and then gallopped galloping over the racecourse and rushed straight to the journalist.

As reported by Newshub, Moore was preparing a story about the races at the Chepstow racetrack in Wales. The incident occurred during the final race. Moore made an attempt to stop the animal and even got under his hooves. But, firmly grasping the reins, the girl was able to slow him down and calm him down.

It was the fastest and fastest horse I tried to catch, so I fell down when I did it. I’m pretty strong, pretty strong, but to be honest, it was probably a bit stupid.

Haley Moore

Despite the fall, the girl was not injured. A few minutes later Moore already interviewed the winners of the races. It soon became clear that the girl’s father was a well-deserved trainer in equestrian sport, and her sister and brothers regularly took part in the races.

It’s only because Hayley has been surrounded by horses all her life and knows exactly what to do.

Jason Weaver

And the other two leading TV channels, watching what was happening from the studio, enthusiastically noted that the fracture of the ribs and the broken microphone would have cost Moore dearly.

It deserves some kind of reward, incredible! Moore could break down the equipment, but her courage was huge!

co-hosts of Moore
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