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Because of bad weather, the winner of a baseball game in the United States was identified in the game “Stone, scissors, paper”

In a tense struggle, one of the teams won with a score of 5-4, because “scissors” always beat “paper”.

On May 23, a quarterfinal of the local school baseball tournament was to be held in Connecticut, in which teams from the institutions of North Haven and Amity met. But because of the rain, the match was postponed several times to a later time. Tired of waiting, the athletes played the winner in “Stone, scissors, paper.”

The games of the tournament were watched by journalists who conducted a textual live broadcast. They recorded every round of confrontation, discussing what tactics it is better to stick to baseball players. After 11 “mini-matches” the school won the North Haven with a score of 5-4: in the last attempt, the “scissors” beat the “paper”.

Baseball rules do not imply such a finding of the winner of the match. Therefore, the teams are waiting for the decision of the leadership of the American school sports league.

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