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Battlefield V will be released on October 19 without Lutboks in the setting of World War II

Electronic Arts introduced a new part of Battlefield V, which will be released on October 19 this year, a week after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII and a week before Red Dead Redemption. The developers separately noticed that in their game there will be no mechanic pay-to-win, Premium Pass and Lutboks. Cosmetic changes of equipment and soldiers will be available without a randomizer.

Users will be able to change the characteristics of their characters: gender, race, face and hair, clothing. At the disposal of players will be soldiers of four classes: attack aircraft, engineer, support fighter, medic. As they are pumped, they will discover new perks and subclasses called archetypes in the game.

In addition to recruiting soldiers, the player will have his own pool of equipment and aircraft. They can also be customized, unlocking gameplay and cosmetic enhancements.

There will be no seasonal passes in the game, which divided the audience and did not allow playing on new maps. Now they, like the new modes, will go out for all players for free.

The role of support fighters will be increased due to limitations when reviving in multiplayer. For example, a reborn player will have fewer rounds – just a couple of clips. In this case, any class will be able to raise the fallen comrades in the ranks, and physicians will be available for the resurrection of all the soldiers of the team. They will be able to fully cure the soldiers, whose health strip will be divided into sectors, and only the last active one will be automatically restored.

Players will automatically be assigned to units, even if they play alone. The dead soldier will be able to monitor the comrades and the points in which they are going to be reborn. Voice and text communication with these random teammates will be included permanently. Even on the boot screens.

There will be some elements of construction: players will be able to collect a small shelter from improvised items, such as sandbags, camouflage nets. All buildings on the map can be destroyed almost to the ground. In this case, the system of destruction becomes more complicated. Buildings will be deformed not according to the script, but in real time, depending on the affected object.

Shooting is also more difficult. The first few bullets will fly to the target, after which the spread will begin to grow. The developers promise a special type of shooting for each weapon, the scatter pattern can be studied and anticipated for each weapon.

The game will be a single campaign from several storylines for different characters. In this case, the developers will focus on little-known battles. Players will travel to Norway beyond the Arctic Circle, to French villages, Greece, to the ruins of Rotterdam and to the North African desert. A cooperative regime for four people with procedurally-generated missions will also be available.

The game will periodically undergo large-scale operations, the missions in which will depend on the results of the previous one. Landing in the rear of the enemy, the destruction of anti-aircraft guns and artillery and much more.

Before the release of the game will pass the stage of open testing for all comers. October 11 access to Battlefield V will be given to the owners of EA Access and Origin Access, on October 16 it will be launched by the owners of Deluxe Edition, and a full release for all others is scheduled for October 19.

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