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Battlefield V: what we learned from the first presentation of the game

The shooter will be released on October 19 and will cost without a Premium Pass.

Release date, monetization and types of publications

The game is officially called both “Battlefield Five” and “Battlefield V” (V stands for the top five and “Victory”). It will be promoted together with Microsoft and Xbox. This means that the owners of the PlayStation 4 will not get any advantages over the time of release of add-ons, as with Black Ops IIII.

The developers separately note that in Battlefield V there will be no pay-to-win and Premium Pass. Moreover, in the shooter there are no plans for lootboxes – even cosmetic ones.

Users will spend money on changing the appearance of their soldiers and equipment, but without a randomizer.

Release Battlefield V will be divided into three parts: on October 11, preliminary access to the game will be given to the owners of EA Access and Origin Access (the game itself is not included in the subscription, but progress will continue), October 16 – shooter will be available to customers Deluxe Edition, and October 19 – to the owners ordinary editions.

Thus, Battlefield V will enter into a direct encounter with the Black Ops IIII, which starts on October 12.

Debut Trailer

The first video of Battlefield V shows “staged” gameplay on the engine.

The emphasis on “cosmetics” has strongly influenced the atmosphere of the game.


On the concept art and screenshots of the shooter you can see deserted and snow-covered landscapes, as well as forests. Maps in Russia have not yet been confirmed – the developers showed Africa, France, Norway and the Netherlands.

The main difference of the game from the previous parts in DICE is called a higher immersion of the user into what is happening. Firearms will pierce certain objects of the environment, blast waves will affect the control, and the vegetation will move along with the characters and equipment, giving out their location.

In addition, for the first time in the series, players will be able to build and repair the fortifications. In Battlefield V buildings can be destroyed almost to the ground, but users will have the opportunity to build new shelters – for example, using bags of sand. Allow and repair buildings – for example, to cover the capture of the flag. By itself, the system of destruction will become more complicated: if the tank starts moving toward the building, it will not fall apart at the same time, but will deform.

Part of the mechanic of the shooter will change significantly. Rescue the members of the detachment will now be able to all the classes, but the doctors still get it faster than the rest. To save a comrade who fell under dense fire, he is now allowed to be dragged into a shelter before the revival.

Many changes have become possible due to the fact that now almost all the logic of the game is calculated on the servers. This means that developers can release patches without patches – without touching the client.

By itself, the joke has been reworked. Now the first few bullets will hit the target, but with each next shot the scatter will begin to increase. Each automaton or pistol will have its own recognizable character, which you can eventually get used to.

In addition, Battlefield V will sharply fall on the back – for this appeared a special animation. In general, DICE completely reworked the behavior of the legs in the game – it will be implemented in the style of Rainbow Six Siege and other tactical shooters.

Teams in multiplayer matches will now have even greater importance. A single player will automatically fall into one of the units at the entrance to the server and after death can, with a third-person view, watch his comrades. If the unit is completely destroyed, all players will receive a 10-second penalty, but they will be able to see on the map where their comrades-in-arms are going to be reborn. The leader of the detachment can call special reinforcements on the points earned by his associates.

Cartridges can now be collected not only from the enemies’ bodies or solicited from the soldier’s support, but also obtained in captured buildings. DICE assumes that users will have to retreat more often in order to replenish ammunition. Moreover, players now will not be reborn with the maximum number of cartridges and explosives – they will have to be earned.

Health in Battlefield V will not be fully restored – just before the end of the last incomplete segment.

In total there are four main classes in the game – temporary “elite” classes are no more, as well as “hippopotamuses” – trains, airships and other similar super-technology.


In Battlefield V is expected a wide arsenal of both real military equipment and weapons, as well as some “secret developments” that can change the course of the war.

Stationary cannons can be hooked to the technique and shoot them right on the go.

Procedure-generated cooperative and updated “Operations”

The game will be a cooperative for four players with “procedurally generated missions”, as well as a new advanced mode of “Operations” for 64 players with a large scale and a large number of modes.

“Operations” will now last for several “days”, where the results of each next mission depend on the previous one. For example, on the first day one team will jump from the plane to the rear to the enemy and try to destroy his anti-aircraft guns. The more artillery is destroyed, the more tickets this team will receive the next day. If there is no clear leader in Operation, it ends in an instant death mode, where players are forced to fight to the last without the possibility of revival.


The solitary campaign will again consist of several personal stories that reveal the Second World from different sides. The developers gave as an example a mini-campaign for the Scandinavian partisan.

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