Apple patented new smart chips for Siri

Foreign resources drew attention to the description of the new Apple patent . It deals with the new capabilities of Siri’s voice assistant. Earlier there was a hint on the improved functionality of the assistant in iOS 12.

According to the patent application, Siri will be able to analyze the traffic situation and understand who is calling you. This is necessary for the context when generating quick answers, when you can not pick up the phone. Let’s say that if a wife calls from her home number while you are driving, the system will calculate the approximate distance to the house and offer to send her a message like “I’m going along such and such a street, I’ll be home in an hour.”

Currently, iOS allows you to answer an incoming call with one of several messages, and the description of the patent to all this adds context.

Presentation of new versions of Apple’s operating systems will be held on June 4 at the WWDC. Expect fresh iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, also the appearance of other new products of the company is not ruled out.

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