Apple began to change old batteries in the iPhone at a discount for a month ahead of schedule

Some customers have already complained that the company refused to provide them with a new battery.

CNET photo
CNET photo

Apple launched a campaign to replace old batteries with new ones a month earlier than the deadline. The company offers to change batteries for the iPhone 6 and later devices for $ 29 instead of $ 79.

According to The Verge, the battery can be replaced if the smartphone loses 80% of the charge faster than when buying, and at the same time has transferred at least 500 recharging cycles. Consultants in stores will conduct a diagnostic test to exclude other damage or third-party components from the smartphone. In the event that interference in the inside of the iPhone is detected, the batteries will be refused in replacement.

As noted by the site 9to5Mac, some customers have already been denied the replacement of batteries, because they had no problem holding a charge. Apple’s offer to replace the battery at a discount will continue from January to December 2018.

What’s wrong with the batteries on the iPhone:

  • On December 11, Reddit said that the phones are starting to work better if you replace the worn out battery;
  • December 21, Apple admitted that it deliberately slows the iPhone to increase the life of the device;
  • December 22 and 27, the company filed several lawsuits for the slowdown of old iPhones;
  • On December 29, Apple apologized for the mistake and promised to replace the batteries at a discount.
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