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A false message about the death of the creator of crypto currency Ethereum managed to lower her rate

Vitalik Buterin confirmed that he is alive, with the help of the Ethereum blockade.

On the evening of June 25, the cost of the etherium fell for a short while, but later rose back, and then began to fall again. Sudden correction of the course was due to fake news about the death of Vitalik Buterin, creator of the etherium, reports TheRunet.

On Sunday, June 25, on the 4chan imageburn , a false statement about Butcherin’s death appeared as a result of a car accident. This information quickly spread in profile forums and publications.

According to Coindesk , at the time of publication of the message on 4chan, one ether cost $ 304, and after an hour and a half his rate fell to $ 284. According to statistics by , the drop in the etherium was more noticeable: from about $ 289 to $ 252 (about 13%).

Sam Buterin at night on Monday (3.5 hours after the publication of a throw-in) published his photo on Twitter with a refutation of information about his death. As a confirmation, he published a hash of one of the last transactions at that time in the blockbuster Etherium – that is, he made an analogue of “photo against the background of a fresh newspaper”.

Another day, another example of using blockade”
The refutation of Buterin led to the stabilization of the course, but only for a short time. According to, at night the airirum rose to $ 285, and then continued to decline and at 14:00 is at the level of $ 260 per unit.

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