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A British woman at the forefront of the Second World has quarreled fans of Battlefield V

“What does a British woman do there?” Give me Russian women snipers! “ Such phrases can be seen in the discussion of the new Battlefield V , which will tell about the events of the Second World War. One of the characters of the game, judging by trailers and posters, will make a British woman with a prosthesis instead of a hand and a sniper rifle. It was she who became the stumbling block between the fans of the series.

Many of them were indignant that in a shooter that did not shine with historical certainty, now there were women and blacks fighting in the front rows on the fronts of the Second World War.

Yes, most women served as auxiliary roles in the army, although there were exceptions. What are the famous Soviet women snipers, who took an active part in the fighting. On the Internet, you can find many archival photographs from different countries with women participating in the Second World War, but the degree of their involvement in the fighting at the front is still to be clarified. Western gaming media, known for their persecution of the developers of The Witcher and Kingdom Come: Deliverance for lack of black or strong female characters on the leading roles, have already defended Battlefield V.

“No one is embarrassed that a randomly created soldier without training can jump at the helm of the fighter. They do not worry that the streets of European cities are not recreated one to one, – Kotaku writes . ” These things are an acceptable compromise.” According to journalist Luke Plunkett, the addition of a woman or a black soldier to the game will not bring down the sky: “This is normal. This is a mainstream game, not a history lesson. Battlefield has never been a reconstruction of the past. “

Nevertheless, to fair remarks that in the role of warrior much more organic would look like a Soviet sniper woman, neither the developers nor the journalists have not yet responded. Perhaps, a look at the Second World from the side of the USSR and its soldiers will be added to the game later with the release of DLC.

Meanwhile, the trailer of the game on YouTube took an ambiguous. The number of likes and dislikes in the video was divided approximately equally. And under it you can read the sparkling jokes about political correctness in games.

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