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Ъ: and “Sputnik” excluded Telegram from the search issue, “Yandex” and Google – not yet


The search engines fulfilled the requirement of the law to “filter” resources.

The site of the Telegram messenger became inaccessible in the search output of and Sputnik, but it remained visible in Google and Yandex. Thus, two search engines met the requirement of the law to “filter resources, ” Kommersant explained .

Roskomnadzor told the publication that and Sputnik acted in accordance with the law on the obligation to connect to the federal state information system (FGIS), which was created to restrict access to blocked sites.

Google and Yandex have not yet blocked access to the Telegram website, but they are testing this possibility, according to Roscomnadzor. With the technical specialists of these companies, they exchanged information about the work of the FGIS and the debugging of the unloading of information from it.

In Rambler Group, whose search engine is working on the technology of “Yandex”, said that the implementation of the law is in charge of the “partner company.”

On April 16, the providers began to block Telegram in accordance with the decision of the Tagansky District Court, adopted because the Messenger refused to provide the FSB with encryption keys. The service used to bypass blocking capacity of cloud providers, in response Roskomnadzor entered into the register of prohibited sites up to 18 million IP-addresses. The Office also restricted access to 50 VPN services and anonymizers.

Because the servers of the providers used not only Telegram, there were a lot of disruptions in the set of resources that do not have anything to do with it. By the time of writing the note, many messenger users in Russia still have access to it.


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