“Used” Falcon 9 today will deliver into orbit seven satellites

Today at 22:47 Minsk time SpaceX launches another missile. Falcon 9 will deliver seven satellites to space: two GRACE-FO, which will help monitor water currents ordered by NASA and the German research agency, as well as five telecommunications for the Iridium NEXT.

The launch will take place from the air base Vandenberg in northeast Los Angeles. The weather forecast is favorable: with a 90 percent probability conditions will be suitable for the launch of the Falcon 9.

The rocket used today was already in space in January. It was used to deliver the secret satellite ZUMA into orbit, but the mission was unsuccessful: it was reported that the device could not disconnect in time from the second stage of the Falcon 9 and burned in the atmosphere. But the first stage of the rocket returned to Earth, which SpaceX uses repeatedly.

It is expected that two satellites will detach from the rocket about 11 and a half minutes after the launch. The five remaining will be delayed at the second stage of the Falcon 9 for an hour, until the system maneuver to take the desired trajectory.

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