Uber after the accident closed the testing of unmanned vehicles in Arizona and dismissed 300 employees

But it will resume tests in other states.

Experts are inspecting a Uber unmanned vehicle after an accident in Arizona. Reuters photo
Experts are inspecting a Uber unmanned vehicle after an accident in Arizona. Reuters photo

The company Uber announced the closure of the test program for unmanned vehicles in Arizona after the death of a cyclist. About this, the head of the Uber unit for the development of unmanned vehicles, Eric Meyhofer (Eric Meyhofer) told The Wall Street Journal.

According to Meihofer, the company will fire 300 employees who experienced self-controlled cars. The company does not intend to return to Arizona, regardless of the results of the investigation of the deadly accident, saidBloomberg. At the same time Uber intends to continue projects in San Francisco, Toronto and Pittsburgh.

After the accident on March 19, Uber temporarily suspended the tests of self-controlled vehicles. Self-managing machine to death brought down cyclist when she was crossing the road in the wrong place. There was a driver behind the wheel of the car, but he was distracted from control for a few seconds, when the car could still stop.

Uber brought the family a dead condolence and agreed on a pre-trial settlement of the incident, but the investigation was connected by the US authorities. On May 7, the media reported that the car recognized the bicyclist, but still ridden it. Sources of media close to the investigation linked this with a programming failure – the car was probably tuned so that it ignored even the objects that it was supposed to pay attention to. The car recognized the girl on the road, but did not consider it the reason for stopping.

In March 2017, Uber had already suspended the program due to an accident in Arizona. On March 24, one of the cars got into an accident and turned sideways, but no one was hurt.

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