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Twitter confused Bulgarians with “Russian bots” and massively banned them

All because of the Cyrillic alphabet, which is used in both Russian and Bulgarian.

Twitter users from Bulgaria complained about the massive blocking of accounts and the hiding of records. Socset began to rigidly moderate the messages in the Bulgarian language, not even related to political or other socially important topics. In the notifications to the owners of accounts it was said that they violated the internal rules of the service.

“Some dialogues now look like monologues” – one of the examples of blocked correspondence between Bulgarians

The Verge magazine found out from the injured users that most often the blocking resulted in a mention of the growing popularity of YouTube videos, as well as known accounts or resonant records on Twitter. Even if the moderation does not affect the original tweet, it is likely to affect those who comment on it in Cyrillic. Among the victims were accounts registered at least in 2009.

Most likely, Twitter has set up its algorithms to search for “Russian bots” so that any use of Cyrillic is already becoming suspicious for the social network.


At the headquarters of Twitter: “Oh my God, we have so many Russian bots. We must stop them. But how? “//” Hmm, they use the Cyrillic alphabet “//” Yes? Then we’ll start hiding tweets in Cyrillic. “//” But … “//” Just do it “//” Finish “//” Class. Beer? “/ / Funny fact – Cyrillic is used in more than 15 countries that are not Russia

Twitter allows you to restore account records individually, but, according to The Verge, refers to them as “digital outcasts.” The social network also disables notifications for subscribers of such accounts of their new tweets.

Tweets of Bulgarian users began to ban a week after the announcement of thesocial network about a more stringent moderation of tweets “trolls” and other offensive records. Representatives of Twitter said that they intend to take “all necessary measures” to eliminate the problem, but will continue to fight against spam and bots.

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