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The American fought off the grizzly and walked 3 kilometers with a broken head for help

The girl got to the working car. After a call to the rescuers, she was taken to the hospital by air.

American Amber Cornac, who is an employee of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, managed to fight off the grizzly bear and find help, despite the fact that she was seriously injured. As reported by ABC Fox Montana, the incident occurred on May 17.

The girl worked in the mountains in the north-west of Montana. At some point, the grizzly creature crept up to her from the back, taking her by surprise. Kornak resin get a gas canister to protect from the bears and scare the animal away.

Despite the fact that the employee received two fractures of the bones of the skull, as well as serious injuries to the head, neck and back, she was able to walk more than three kilometers across the rough terrain and reach the working car. Then the girl went to seek help, and only after a call to rescuers, she was airlifted to the hospital in Kalispell.

Fragments of the skull fell into the brain of the victim, and the doctors took four hours to remove them, install metal plates and drains on the skull to drain the liquid, and prevent cerebral edema.


Amber Cornac. Photo: GoFundMe

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