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“Soyuzmultfilm” will release a new series about the “modern stand-up” parrot Keshe

From the Soviet animated parrot Keshi will make a “modern stand-up”. “Soyuzmultfilm” plans to shoot new series with the involvement of the old hero, who debuted on screens in 1984. The studio is already working on a pilot release, which should demonstrate interest from the audience. In case of success, a full-fledged TV show is waiting for Kesha.

According to the representatives of the studio, the script of the pilot series is answered by the author of the original cartoon “Return of the Prodigal Parrot” Alexander Kurlyandsky. The series can be followed by a full-length animated film that can be shot in 3D. On its production can spend from $ 3.26 million to $ 4.89 million.

The return of the old Soviet animators was just discussed today in an article with Belarussian animator Mikhail Tumley: “Sighs are all that few modern series. And they are few because it takes time to reproduce the old ones.Because they are afraid to take risks. I understand that this is more like a producer idea. Old characters they want to entice the viewer, find a sponsor. She has the right to be. “

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