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Obama: “Fictitious news on Facebook is letting people down in the eye”

November 7, during a speech at a rally in support of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the University of Michigan, Barack Obama spoke out about fictional news about the elections distributed through Facebook. This is reported by the publication Business Insider.

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The US president called fake news in social networks “insane conspiracy theories”. At the same time, according to him, many people start to believe in fictional stories, which becomes a problem and “dusts in the eye” to users.

While the campaign was unfolding, we began to take crazy things for the norm. Again and again, repeated attacks and outright lies.

Until then it’s on Facebook – people can see it, until then it’s in social media – people start to believe it.

Barack Obama, US President

According to Buzzfeed, 38% of the posts of the three large pages of “right” American politicians and 20% of the posts of the three major “left” pages contain “false or misleading information”.

Facebook has been trying for several years to adjust its algorithm for the formation of the news tape so that fakes do not get there. In May 2016, the media accused thecompany of promoting the democratic party with the help of the Trending News service, forming a section in such a way that news about the Republicans did not reach there. Later vice president of Facebook search, Tom Stocky (Tom Stocky) said that this is “technically unworkable.”

In September, it became known that the social network together with Twitter and major media companies became a participant of the First Draft Coalition project , created to combat fictional news.

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