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LG made a huge transparent display that bends


Continuing to develop the display industry, at the event Society for Information Display, LG Display company presented a huge panel based on organic light-emitting diodes.

The 77-inch OLED matrix of the panel is interesting because, firstly, it is transparent, and secondly, it can be bent. According to the manufacturer, the screen can be twisted into a tube, the radius of which will not exceed 80 millimeters.

The display resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which corresponds to the Ultra HD / 4K standard. The transparency of the screen is 40%. Through the panel, the objects placed behind the display are clearly visible.

The presented panel is only a demonstration sample and is available in a single copy. Of course, LG is preparing to launch serial production, but the timing of entering the market so far does not report anything. DT ]

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