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In New York, parents through the court forced the 30-year-old unemployed son to move away from them

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Michael Rotondo and his parents (in the background). Photos of Syracuse

The Supreme Court of New York ruled that the 30-year-old Michael Rotondo (Michael Rotondo) must move away from his parents, because he has no right to be in their home. They sought this solution for several years, as the young man did not work and refused to pay for housing.

Parents Mark and Christina went to court only after they sent Michael several notices of eviction through a lawyer. In them, parents offered their son more than a thousand dollars to find housing, and also recommended vacancies. “There are jobs available even for those who, like you do not have experience. Try one of them – you need to work, “says one of the letters.

At the trial, Rotondo did not communicate with his parents and defended his interests himself, without resorting to the help of a lawyer. He was about 30 minutes to prove to the judge that according to the law he has the right to a six-month period for eviction. However, he was refused, explaining that such requirements are fulfilled only in rare cases when the respondent needs treatment or special care.

The young man said that his parents did not complain to him, but he actually works – he is engaged in his own business, which he does not want to talk about. He gave several interviews to TV channels, in which he told that he independently prepares and erases things, and also occupies only one bedroom in the house.

According to Rotundo, he is not going to move urgently and wants to appeal the verdict in order to win for himself at least a month of time.

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