How to remove applications from the iPhone without losing their data

Models iPhone with 16 GB of memory have long been tormenting their owners with messages about the lack of space on the drive. It’s time and 32-gigabyte iPhones are easily clogged with content.

Apple offers a simple chip to quickly clean the system of unused programs and games.

On the Path Settings – Basic – Storage there is a treasured switch to Unload unused . After its inclusion, applications that have not been launched for a long time will be downloaded from the device.


Unlike simple uninstallation, the desktop icon remains on the desktop, and the settings and application data are stored in the system. One click on the icon and the program will again appear on the iPhone in the same form and with the same parameters.

There is a way not to wait until iOS clears the memory in this way and manually unload some applications. It is convenient to remove from the device 1-2 large games that are not needed at the moment.

How to do it


1. Go to Settings – General – Storage .

2. Choose a program or game that is not needed at the moment.

3. In the detailed data section, select Download application .

You can see how much space the program takes, and how much its settings and data. It is the last volume that will be occupied by the program after the download.

This is very convenient, because you do not need to wait for the analysis of the system and the removal of small applications that take up little space on the iPhone.

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