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Graduates, the Kremlin and Lenin: the journey of Harold’s “hiding pain” in Moscow

“And imagine his face in Omsk or Saratov.”

On May 23, Hungarian Arató András, known as the meme hero about Harold hiding pain, flew to Russia. He said this on his page in “VKontakte”, having published a photo with the inscription “I love Moscow”.

A picture together with Harold’s “corporate” face immediately became an excuse for jokes from Russian users of social networks. They noted that in Russia the meme’s hero “will feel pain constantly,” and advised not to visit the capital of the country, but regions. It was not without photozhab.

Soon he laid out another photo – this time near the St. Basil’s Cathedral. Also, the Hungarian visited Lenin’s mausoleum.

The third photo, which Harold shared, was made near GUM. On it the hero of stock photos stands together with several schoolgirls.

 It is not known why Andrash came to Russia. Photos and stories in Instagram with him appeared in the account of the advertising agency TutkovBudkov, which in 2016 organized a clip of the musical group Ok Go in zero gravity. One of the stories with Harold was accompanied by the text about the “new project”.

ви ар ин моско и ви ар ин пейн

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привезли дедушку @painharold в Россию🇷🇺😊✌️hide the pain#painharold #hidethepain #hidethepainharold #harold #tutkovbudkov #Гарольд #гарольдскрывающийболь #гарольдвмоскве

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Дедушка, Маша и я) #tutkovbudkov

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