Frameless smartphone Lenovo Z5 will keep the battery 45 days

Vice President of Lenovo Group Chang Cheng revealed another feature of the frameless smartphone Lenovo Z5, information about which is given out bit by bit. According to the top manager, the mobile phone battery will last up to 45 days in standby mode. Chang Cheng did not say exactly what the battery capacity of the Lenovo Z5.

 Earlier, Chang Cheng said that the screen of the smartphone will take 95% of the front side of the Lenovo Z5, and the amount of internal memory will be 4 TB. It remains to wait for the announcement of the device to find out whether there is any dirty trick in this information.

The smartphone uses four breakthrough technologies and 18 patented technologies on top. Probably, this should increase the degree of interest in the future smartphone Lenovo.

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