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Florida residents were accidentally informed about “zombie activity” during a power outage

The authorities had to apologize and promise that this would happen again only in the case of a real attack of the living dead.

Shot from the series “Walking Dead”

On May 20, a power outage occurred in Lake Worth, Fla. – in such situations automatic notification is sent out with the causes of emergency. But this time around eight thousand people received alerts about “extreme zombie activity” in the region.

The message said that the “zombie alarm” affected not only Lake Worth, but also the city of Terminus – the so-called settlement from the series “Walking Dead”. Because of the “activity” of the living dead, the authorities could not name the exact terms for the restoration of electricity.


The city authorities had to officially apologize to the residents and declare that in fact there was no zombie attack. The spokesman for the administration of Lake Worth Ben Kerr (Ben Kerr) said that someone had edited the text of the notifications in the system, but the violator was not involved in switching off the electricity.

This is not the first time that city authorities have noticed messages with the text about living dead. According to Kerr, such notifications were ready for shipment during Hurricane Irma in August 2017, but then the employees corrected them prior to publication. The authorities of Lake Worth began their own investigation of hacking the system.

I hope that with our next warning about the zombie attack, it will be a real zombie attack.

Ben Kerr
spokeswoman for the administration of Lake Worth
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