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Facebook will begin to demand documents from those who want to publish political advertising

Passport or rights, as well as social security numbers. So far, only Americans.

Facebook users who want to buy several political ads in the social network will need to provide a photograph of the identity document, as well as the last digits of the social security number. As noted by the CNN channel, this is the social network response to accusations of publishing ads related to the Russian government.

Such advertisements include advertising of weapons, civil rights, economic changes and political movements. So moderators can make sure that the author is in the US. Authors will need to specify a mailing address, where Facebook will send a verification code.

All political advertising will also be indicated the source of funding. Sotsset promised to delete personal data after checking for six weeks. Among the dissatisfied with the new advertising rules appeared the agency The News Media Alliance, engaged in advertising the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, which asked for exemption from restrictions.

In November 2016, the media began to blame fake news and Facebook in the victory of Donald Trump and Russia’s interference in the elections. Zuckerberg had to explain the company’s position, after which in 2017 Facebook issued an instruction to combat fakes and promised to transfer data on Russian accounts to Congress.

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