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Facebook launched the “Journalism” project to fight fakes and create high-quality news

On January 11, Facebook launched its own journalistic project , whose goals are to create high-quality journalism, cooperate with the media and train users of news literacy.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

As I said director of product Facebook Fiji Simo (Fidji Simo), a project called Facebook Journalism Project is designed for cooperation with the social networking publishers and journalists. With the help of its project, the company wants to provide the audience with quality news, and journalists are taught to use new tools to receive and submit information.

The journalistic project Facebook will consist of three areas: cooperation with large media and development of new products in cooperation with them, training journalists for new technologies and tools at special trainings, as well as helping users of social networks in the search for quality and reliable information.

On January 6, Facebook hired former CNN journalist Campbell Brown, who should lead the media cooperation department to “help news organizations and journalists more closely interact with Facebook.”

According to The New York Times, in the near future the project will begin cooperation with such publications as Washington post and Vox. In the future, this list is planned to significantly expand.

As the newspaper notes, Facebook has long thought about its role in the dissemination of information. But after the company was accused of manipulating the news and spreading fakes during the presidential race in the United States, the social network urgently tackled the problem of spreading fake news.

The founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg then stated that he usually does not share his plans with users, but due to the importance of fake news he had to make an exception. The head of Facebook said that the social network is beginning to improve the algorithms for detecting fake news, and plans to conclude partner agreements with organizations professionally engaged in fact-checking to neutralize misinformation.

On January 11, the American edition of BuzzFeed published unverified documents allegedly collected by a former British intelligence officer concerning Donald Trump. They contain information that compromises the elected president of the United States. For this publication, the publication was heavily criticized by the public and by colleagues from other media.

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