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Facebook found political advertising on the topic of elections in the US, sent from Russian accounts

The total cost of advertising was 100 thousand dollars.

Facebook found that from June 2015 to May 2017 in the social network appeared paid political advertising, allegedly distributed by accounts from Russia. Part of the advertising was aimed at “provoking controversy in the US before the presidential elections”, the total cost was 100 thousand dollars.

About three thousand advertisements have been associated with 470 non-genuine pages and accounts that violate the rules of social networks. According to Facebook, accounts were managed from one center from the territory of Russia. The social network administration blocked all detected accounts.

Most of the advertising launched by accounts does not apply to elections in the US or a specific candidate. Many of them disseminated messages on “conflicting” social and political topics, including including the problems of the LGBT community, racism, the immigration crisis and the right to bear arms.

The company also found out that the messages were published from computers with US IP addresses, but with the settings in Russian. Facebook clarified that at the same time, 2,2 thousand “potentially political” messages were sent out, the mailing cost was 50 thousand dollars.

We shared the results of our verification with the US authorities, who are conducting their investigation, and will continue to work with them if necessary.

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In February 2017, the FBI launched an investigation into Russia’s interference in US elections, in March this was confirmed by the director of the agency. In May, the Russian Security Council stated that it had provided “exhaustive answers” to this topic to US intelligence services.

In July, Congress asked Facebook to testify about Russia’s interference in the election of the US president. Representatives of the company then said that they had previously completely denied the possibility of Russia’s influence on the spread of news in the social network, but promised to cooperate with officials during the investigation.

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