Elon Musk pondered the creation of the Pravda website with the reliability of news

According to him, “no one believes” for a long time now.

The general director of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk spoke sharply about the state of modern journalism in his Twitter. In his opinion, large media are mired in hypocrisy and lie to the readers.

Musk began to express his opinion about the media, commenting on the publication of the Electrek publication that the negative in the press around Tesla is becoming “increasingly insignificant”.

“The sacred hypocrisy of the big media claiming to be telling the truth, but in fact publishing only a sweetened lie – is the reason why society no longer trusts them”
After that, The Verge reporter Andrew Hawkins retreated the Musk entry, writing that he was “continuing a slow transformation” into a man who looked like Trump – crouching on the media and “screaming” about fake news. Soon the businessman answered him, saying that Trump was elected just because the media no longer had any influence.

“I knew you would say that. Always, when someone criticizes the media, the media screams “You’re like Trump!”. Why do you think he was elected first? Because no one else believes you. You lost your trust a long time ago. “

On this Musk did not stop and continued attacks on modern journalism in the following entries. He explained the negative around Tesla by the fact that his company does not buy advertising in the media, as opposed to competitors.

According to Musk, thanks to such a site, even if part of the society does not care about the reliability rating, other journalists and editors will be worried about it.

It is not known whether the entrepreneur will realize this idea into reality, but in the last tweet on the topic he arranged a survey about this among almost 22 million of his subscribers. At the time of the publication, the answer “yes” was chosen by 89% of the voters.

“Create a site with a media credibility rating (which will be marked by botnets with propaganda)?” Options: 1. Yes, it would be excellent; 2. No, the media is cool;

Earlier, Musk several times already clashed with journalists and spoke negatively about the media. For example, he sued the producers of the “BBC” Top Gear for the fact that Jeremy Clarkson had a negative response about Tesla Roadster. After this, the entrepreneur criticized the NYT article on the Tesla Model S.

Against the background of scandals around accidents with the autopilot Musk also scolds the media for “incorrect” coverage of the situation and exaggeration of the danger of technology.

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