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A man in female underwear was found in a pot of potatoes after 5 days of drug use

In the UK, a man in a bra was convicted, who used drugs for five days, pouring potatoes into the tub. This is reported by Daily Mirror.

Employees of the hotel in Eastleigh, Hampshire, where the 30-year-old James Johnson stayed , sensed the smell of cannabis coming out of his room and called the police. They claimed that they had seen the lodger with a bag of potatoes and in women’s clothes.

When the police entered the room, Johnson sat with a bra on his chest in a tub filled with potatoes. During the search, he found a stock of various prohibited substances, including ecstasy and psychedelic 2CB. In the house where the man lived, drugs were also stored.

As it turned out, Johnson came to his hometown with a couple of friends. They planned to spend one evening in Eastley, but got carried away and used drugs for five days. “Then it seemed that this is exactly what needs to be done,” the man explained at the trial.

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According to Johnson, he had previously bought drugs in DarkNet, spending on them 750 pounds sterling (about 62 thousand rubles). The court sentenced him to public works for a period of 18 months and ordered a nine-month course of treatment for drug dependence. The fate of his friends is not specified
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