25 strange photos of the past that require explanation

From this collection of gloomy photographs of past times it becomes uncomfortable. Fortunately, you do not have to think out what happened behind the scenes. But no doubt: madness existed at all times.

1. A shot from the horror film of 1960 “Eyes without a face”

2. Actress Tippi Hadren during a photo shoot with her lion in 1970

The celebrity regrets that it allowed the predator to sleep in the bed of her daughter Melanie Griffith …

3. Family photographed with a rabbit at Disneyland, 1958

4. River pirate, killing at least 6 people, awaits execution of the death penalty, China, 1900

The cell was a tool for hanging. The convict stood on the beams, every day they became smaller and as a result did not remain a single one, which led to suffocation.

5. Gerald Gardner practices the Wiccan ritual using a mummified monkey, London, 1952

6. American schoolchildren welcome the US national flag, performing “Bellamy salute”, 1915

7. Women in the Correctional Facility, Central Africa, 1905

8. A man in a woman’s dress, England, 1895

9. Public flogging of a black man for a crime, Delaware, 1900

This punishment was foreseen only for black people.

10. 22-year-old actress Irish McCulla poses for 57-year-old artist Alberto Vargas in 1951

11. Patient of a psychiatric hospital in Yorkshire, England, 1869

12. Armenian refugees in Huran, Syria, ironing the corpse of a camel

13. A shot from the “Ritual” program, Brazil, 1980

14. A woman with a slave girl, New Orleans, USA, 1850

15. Australian artist and occultist Rosalyn Norton in Sydney in 1971

She was called the “Witch of the Royal Cross”, and she worshiped the god Pan.

16. Students of the school in Holywell, Great Britain, 1910

17. A boy mutilated by Belgian soldiers in the Congo, 1905

18. Photosession girlfriends, 1928

19. Girls from the corps de ballet, USA, 1929

20. A woman is shaved off her hair for communicating with the Nazi, Marcel, France, 1944

21. Advertising of ready-made breakfast, USA, early 1960s



22. Personnel policeman (left) and “auxiliary” when patrolling the streets of Berlin, 1933

23. A relative of the photographer Marily Meisler, USA, 1980

24. A girl in a cat costume on Halloween, USA, 1968

25. Donald Trump with his 15-year-old daughter Ivanka, 1996

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