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10 interesting facts about owls!

1. The special plumage, which other birds do not possess, allows owls to fly absolutely silently. This helps them to hunt at night, when everything around is quiet and any sound is heard at times stronger than in the daytime.
2. The predominant part of these predators, awake at night and sleeps during the day. An interesting fact is that a white owl is the main exception to this rule. She procures her food only during the day, living in snow-covered areas and having a snow-white color, which allows to merge with the environment.
3. The specific structure of the body allows the bird to turn its head as much as 270 degrees, and all because they can not move the eyes, always looking only straight.
4. The only species that can eat plants is the elf-elf.
5. Among the interesting facts about swamp owls, the key is that they are one of the few animals that are completely monogamous. Once having chosen a second couple, they stay with her for the rest of their lives.

6. In flight, these creatures develop speeds of up to 80 km / h.

7. Unlike other animals, owls live much more in captivity. In zoos they live for 20-25 years, while in natural conditions they rarely live to 10. The key cause of death is hunger.

8. The smallest representative of this genus is the Peruvian owl. Unlike its many kilogram relatives, it weighs only 30 grams. For example, the weight of a hummingbird is 10 grams less.

9. These animals have three pairs of eyelids, the first is for blinking, the second for protection during flight and attack, and the latter is used by them during sleep.

10. The ancient peoples perceived the owls differently. Greeks treated them as a symbol of wisdom and minted their image on their coins. The Egyptians believed that these animals live in the afterlife and only occasionally penetrate ours. And the Chinese always saw in them an exceptional evil.
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