The voice assistant Siri promises to grow wiser at the WWDC

Users of Apple technology have found hints at the announcements of the nearest WWDC conference, where the Cupertino Corporation will present the latest versions of the operating systems. Assistant Siri intrigues and talks about new chips.

When requests for the kind of “tell about WWDC”, the assistant reports that “he will become much smarter”, and he will also get a “completely new voice” and “a new brilliant house”, but he adds that the house is more “mesh and dull” – this clearly indicates improvements Siri for a smart HomePod speaker.

In the Russian version, Siri does not cover WWDC: it only says there will be a lot of interesting things. Probably, peculiar Easter eggs were hidden only in an English-speaking assistant.

The WWDC conference will be held on June 4-8. At the event, Apple will introduce new iOS and macOS. Also, the appearance of a Macbook with a more powerful iron is not ruled out.

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