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The startup from California has collected almost $ 6 million for 3D headphones, and then closed

Out of 12 thousand investors, only 80 people got their device

OSSIC X Headphones
OSSIC X Headphones
California company Ossic, which collected about 2.7 million dollars through Kickstarter and 3.2 million dollars through Indiegogo to produce headphones for surround sound, reported the termination of work on the product. The message on the start-up site says that the management did not have enough funding to complete the project.

According to representatives of Ossic, crowdfunding accounted for half of the total amount required by the company. Her leadership negotiated with larger machinery manufacturers, but “none of them had an appetite or an opportunity to invest the necessary amount.”

We are very sorry that we can not deliver your copies. We want you to know that the team members did their best, including investing their own savings and working without a salary.

excerpt from the Ossic application

Mass production of Ossic headphones, equipped with a sound calibration system depending on the position and shape of the head, was to start in the late spring of 2018. However, according to the company’s representatives, an additional $ 2 million would be required to complete it.

Among the reasons for the failure of its initiative, Ossic’s management described the insufficiently rapid introduction of VR technologies (which were to be part of headphones with automatically calibrated sound) and the recent failures of technological crowdedging projects that reduced investor confidence in this field.

Despite the startup’s explanation, the participants in the crowd-nomad campaign began to gather in a Facebook group and promised to press the company with a group suit. At the time of writing, there were more than 1700 participants in the community. According to TechCrunch, out of 12 thousand investors earphones received only 80 people.

We will collect people who supported the shitty nonsense OSSIC X, and as soon as we have enough people, we will begin negotiations with their team by putting a group suit on the table.

extract from the description of the group OSSIC X Class Action Lawsuit
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