Self-killer Xiaomi. Overview of the smartphone Redmi S2

In mid-May 2018, Xiaomi released another budget smartphone – Redmi S2 . The question immediately arose: what does the letter S mean in the title? Advanced version of one of the many mobile phones of the Chinese manufacturer? A simplified version? All the more prosaic – the world is still ruled by Selfie, so the front camera of the novelty received a 16-megapixel sensor.

However, everything in order. Externally, the Redmi S2 resembles all other Xiaomi devices. It is difficult to say whether it has significant similarities or differences from other companies’ smartphones – a keen eye will see characteristic features, but not immediately.

About what will be discussed

  • Appearance
  • Screen
  • Battery life and performance
  • Camera
  • Conclusions and assessment
  • Alternative


The model received a metal case with a special coating, which tactilely makes the surface look like plastic. Such spraying is used by different vendors more and more often, and so more and more often disputes arise about what is actually used for the material. To the touch, it’s cool, but it’s warming fast, when you contact other metal objects by sound, declare with 100% certainty that it’s aluminum, you can not, and we will not leave deep scratches on the case. The manufacturer claims that this is metal.

In the upper and lower parts of the case there are inserts separated from the main panel by a pair of thin plastic strips.

The back panel is laconic, with a recess under the fingerprint scanner and a dual camera in the upper left corner. It is raised above the body and is located vertically. On the left sidewall there is a tray for two SIM cards of nano format and a volumetric (in gigabytes, not in size) memory cards, that is, a total of three slots. Both SIM cards support LTE networks.

On the right sidewall there is a volume rocker and a power button. Both keys have a very clear stroke with characteristic clicks. A 3.5 mm headphone jack, an IR blaster and an additional microphone for an active noise reduction system are located on the upper end.

At the bottom end of the sides of the microUSB-connector are symmetrical grilles. Behind the right hides a single loudspeaker, behind the left – a telephone microphone. It is high time to abandon microUSB, and all the more strange, when the manufacturer does not dare to unify. Obviously, the problem lies not only in the desire to save money, but also in obsolete electronics designs, which you do not want to give up.

Dimensions of the smartphone – 160.73 × 77.26 × 8.10 mm, weight – 170 g.


The novelty is equipped with a 6-inch (if to be quite accurate – 5.99-inch) IPS-screen with an extended ratio of 18: 9 and rounded corners. The display is far from “frameless” and takes about 74.5% of the front side of the mobile phone. Its resolution can also cause some disappointment, if these figures are especially important for the user – 1440 × 720 pixels.

HD-resolution today is a rare visitor and often comes to quite cheap smartphones. True, the nearby iPhone Xat first sight did not show an obvious superiority in clarity and juiciness of the picture (the browser was launched). Of course, in some places the fonts look clearer, the color rendition will be closer to the ideal, but the differences are not visible immediately. Until the device deviates to the side and the IPS matrix does not begin to rapidly play at the viewing angles. A little later, you notice the “stray” fonts and the fuzzy outlines of the icons.

Battery life and performance

The model received an 8-core Snapdragon 625 processor with a clock speed of up to 2 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. There is also a modification with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. The chip is not young, but has proved itself, and, in addition, it has long been installed in Xiaomi smartphones, including Redmi Note 4X , as well as in Lenovo P2 , ASUS ZenFone 3 , Samsung Galaxy C7 , MEIZU M6 Note and others. It is easy to find it in modern devices. The processor is compared to the HiSilicon Kirin 650, but the Qualcomm chip should be more energy efficient.

Smartphone out of the box is running a fresh operating system Android 8.1 with the proprietary shell of the global version of MIUI 9.5. Like almost any other Android-smartphone, after the first switch-on the Redmi S2 just “flies”. How he behaves after six months, you can only guess.

In synthetic tests, the novelty showed expected low scores, but the interface works smartly, the fingerprint scanner removes the lock almost instantly, the system does not think for a second or two before activating the screen, as happens in some cheap devices. Running the camera is accompanied by a noticeable pause, which is reduced if the application is open in the background. At the same time, when recording, recording takes place without delay, including in conditions of insufficient illumination.

Battery capacity is 3080 mAh. A middle peasant, if you pay attention to the ampere hours. In reality, the situation is similar – working day or day, depending on the load. Possess a larger battery, this would have a negative effect on the dimensions of the Redmi S2, and so it’s not “thin”, but it does not seem too heavy either. Here, the factor is that cheap smartphones are expected of powerful batteries, but then scolded for the shape of the brick. Similar compromises regarding thickness are typical for both flagships and cheaper vehicles.


It seems that Chinese manufacturers of smartphones are the most reverent to the Selfie – it is from them that marketing messages about “super-quality self-phonons” often sound. Therefore, often the characteristics indicate the superiority of the front camera over the main one – if you measure the leadership by the same megapixels. This is probably why Redmi S2 has a 16-megapixel self-photo module. The resulting images clearly go into a warm color, the best shots managed to be done indoors in bright natural light.

The main camera is double, in the arrangement of 12 + 5 megapixels. Thanks to the second lens you can get a portrait more nice or a landscape with a beautiful background. But such a function is probably in all smartphones with a dual camera.

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