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Scientists criticized a new set of Lego for an inauthentic image of the work of paleontologists

Mammoths in ice look more like zombies and do not look like their real versions.

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In late April, Lego announced a set of City, dedicated to the work of archaeological equipment. Several researchers criticized the company for the incorrect image of the work of archaeological equipment and “too clean” exhibits in the ice.

The new collection of Lego City is dedicated to archaeologists: kits include airplanes, trucks, arctic stations, snowmobiles and tractors that pull saber-toothed tigers and mammoths from the ice. According to a paleobiologist and an employee of the Natural History Museum in London, Victoria Herridge (Victoria Herridge), in reality, the work of scientists looks dirtier and more like a house repair job. “The animals would be more like their zombie versions, not the untouched samples,” she added.

As the natural history curator at the Plymouth Museum Jan Freedman noted, scientists often use “ordinary tools” like picks, shovels and sleds with dogs instead of huge saws and trucks. “Snowmobiles are the only thing that is like reality,” he said. According to him, most researchers simply do not have the funding to use this technique.

In fact, no one has yet found the fully preserved and untouched mammoth carcass. The samples that remained in the permafrost are less pleasant and exhibit certain signs of decomposition.

Victoria Herridge
employee of the Natural History Museum in London

Harridge added that she herself found a mammoth on the small island of Lyakhov, which only had legs and a part of the intestines. However, the animal had hair that, according to the scientist, “could even be stroked.”

The researchers added that they are still happy with such popularization of their activities among children. They also would like to see in the films and Lego other animals left in the ice – cave bears, horses or early hyenas.

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