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Sapper from God

Three officers of the American state of Wisconsin promptly twisted the impatient bicyclist, who showed himself as an explosive technician from God. While the professionals puzzled how best to deal with a suspicious backpack discovered on the street in Milwaukee, the local resident quickly dispelled their fears, for which he was jailed. The act of an ordinary hero was shot on video.

Suspicious bag one of the passers-by found around seven o’clock in the morning on Monday, May 21, at the corner of Wisconsin and Plankton Avenue, next to the entrance to the Irish pub. The traffic at the intersection was blocked, the explosion engineers were called in. With the help of a cable they dragged a suspicious backpack to the middle of the street, after which they undertook to discuss what to do with it further.

At that moment, ignoring the police cordon and yellow ribbons, a bicyclist approached the explosive bag in front of the gathered spectators. Discovered the backpack man claims that he swept past him with the words: “Now I will dispel all doubts . ” Jumping off the two-wheeled vehicle, he quickly opened the backpack and threw all the things out of him, then calmly headed to the side, but then the police and FBI officers attacked him.

The man was taken into custody, but what charges can be brought against him remains unknown.

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