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Mininform does not expect the outflow of users due to the new media law

“When some of the major Internet media market players predict, for example, the massive outflow BYNET audience, I do, I’m sorry, I do not believe”, – said Deputy Information Minister of Belarus Pavel Light during a round table in the newspaper “Sat. Belarus today. ” In his opinion, “modest percentages of the audience” will refuse to participate in the discussions at the forums and in the comments.

“After all, if we are talking about the economic aspect of a solution, we need to operate on facts and figures. We need some sort of calculation methodology, “Pavel Legky emphasized.

The deputy minister believes that identification in the network can be a preventive measure, due to which “even a frivolous user will be better aware of the consequences of his actions on the network.” He considers the comments pre-moderation to be an ineffective measure.

“Always and in any society there is a group of people who are dissatisfied with everything. And above all – the actions of the state. For example, pensions are growing – they are ill, since this is an additional burden on the economy and budget. Pensions do not grow – they are also bad, since the authorities do not care about the people of the older generation. Do not go on about these people. But to take into account the existence of such a psychology, even if a very small, but still a part of society, “ – explained his point of view, Pavel Legky.

As previously reported , the authorization method is still in development. As an option, it is suggested to enter SMS-identification. Then Pavel Legkiy emphasized that already today there is an authorization for the IP-address.

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