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Microsoft stopped sending updates to Windows after reports of problems with computer owners on AMD

The company acknowledged that because of the update, computers stop downloading and accused the chip maker of this.

Microsoft stopped the Windows patch distribution for AMD, which covers the vulnerabilities of Meltdown and Specter. After the update, owners of computers with AMD chips complained that their devices are no longer being downloaded. This is reported by The Verge.

The company recognized the problem and accused AMD of sending out incorrect documentation.

Microsoft received complaints from users that some devices on AMD stopped booting after installing the latest Windows security update. After the investigation, Microsoft found out that some AMD chips do not match the documentation that the company sent to develop patches and protect against the vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown.

press office of Microsoft

The company suspended the upgrade of the PC to AMD before the development of the correct version of the update. Microsoft has already contacted the chip maker to solve the problems and promised to correct the error soon. Affected users need to visit the Microsoft support site to return their devices to their normal state.

On January 3, the media reported on security issues in Intel processors. Two vulnerabilities – Meltdown and Specter – affected almost all modern computers in the past 20 years and allowed access to the protected memory of the chip’s core. Soon, Intel said that not only its processors have a problem and it becameknown that the owners of AMD and ARM have cause for concern.

After that, developers of popular operating systems began to release updates. January 4, Microsoft released a patch for Windows, which have been working on since November 2017. On January 5, Apple announced that all its devices on the macOS and iOS are also susceptible to processor vulnerabilities. The company explained that it had partially solved the problem in the latest updates of its systems.

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