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Microsoft released an emergency update to Windows due to a vulnerability in Intel processors

Windows 10 will automatically update on January 4, owners of other versions of the system will have to install the patch manually.

Microsoft announced the release of an extraordinary patch for Windows due to a vulnerability in Intel processors. The update will be available for Windows 10, 8 and 7 versions. This is reported by The Verge.

Despite Microsoft’s quick response, the patch’s performance also depends on the firmware updates of the processor manufacturers. Developers of some programs, for example, antivirus, will also have to release new versions due to changes at the kernel level. Microsoft will also update the cloud server with an emergency update.

Sources The Verge notes that updates can slow down some systems, but owners of Intel Skylake processors and newer will not notice significant changes in the operation of computers. In its statement, Microsoft confirmed that the vulnerability exists on processors from AMD and on ARM-chips. AMD publicly denies even the theoretical possibility of exploiting the vulnerability in its products.

We are aware of this problem and work closely with the processor manufacturers to develop and test measures to protect our customers. Now we are deploying updates for cloud services and have already released a security update to protect Windows clients from vulnerabilities affecting all supported hardware chips from Intel, ARM and AMD.

press office of Microsoft

In Microsoft noted that they did not receive information about any case of successful exploitation of the vulnerability.

January 3, the media reported that the developers of Windows and Linux had to rework the core systems to close the vulnerability in the processors of Intel. According to researchers, updates reduce the performance of computers by 5-30%, depending on the model and specific tasks. Apple partially closed thevulnerability in the update of macOS on December 6. The Linux kernel update was released in December.

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