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Microsoft and Google found a new vulnerability in Intel processors. Its correction can slow down computers

Patches are already on their way.

Microsoft and Google found a new vulnerability in Intel processors, which is similar to the Specter and Meltdown. To fix it, you’ll have to download an update of microcode chips, which can slow down some systems. Intel reported this on the official website.

In Intel noted that the browsers Safari, Edge and Chrome received updates from Meltdown earlier in 2018, so their users are already partially protected from the vulnerability. However, in addition, it will be necessary to install the processor firmware patch.

The company has so far distributed the beta version of the fixes only to partners and will release them for everyone in the coming weeks. The firmware upgrade will include protection against a new default vulnerability, but may reduce the performance of some systems.

Intel representative Leslie Culbertson (Leslie Culbertson) noted that most users will not be affected.

When it was [updated], we observed a performance impact of 2 to 8% based on test results such as SYSmark 2014 SE and SPEC.

Leslie Culbertson
Head of Intel Security Department

Microsoft said that they found a mistake back in November 2017 and immediately passed the information to their partners, according to the coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure agreement. Now the company is working with AMD and Intel to determine the impact of performance changes on their systems.

On January 3, it became known about the vulnerabilities in Intel processors, which allows attackers to access passwords, files and data stored in the kernel’s memory. The next day the company said that not only its chips are vulnerable to vulnerabilities, but Microsoft released an emergency update, which caused some computers to turn off.

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