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Magshots of the stars (36 photos)

Many stars had problems with the law, and therefore they found themselves in the police. Most of the drives to the station were for trivial matters, but very serious charges were brought against some. Let’s take a look at the celebrity magshots, and also find out why they were detained or even arrested by the police.

Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) – the mid-1950s (speeding).

50 Cent – 1994 (trade in heroin and cocaine).

Al Pacino. Arrested on January 9, 1961 – indecent behavior.

Anna Nicole Smith – 1993 (driving in a state of intoxication).

Bill Gates – 1977 (speeding).

Brian Hugh Warner (aka Marilyn Manson) – 2001 (indecent behavior).

Woody Harrelson – 1982 (violation of public order).

Dennis Hopper – 1975 (careless driving, leading to an accident).

James Brown – 1988 (illegal possession of weapons).

Jane Fonda – 1970 (drug smuggling, assault on a policeman).

Janice Joplin – 1969 (hooliganism).

Jerry Lee Lewis – 1976 (drunkenness and appearance in a public place with a firearm).

Jim Morrison – 1963 (for stealing an umbrella and an officer’s helmet from a patrol car).

Jim Morrison – 1970 (obscene behavior and the use of profanity in a public place).

Jimi Hendrix – 1969 (transportation of hashish and heroin).

Johnny Cash – 1965 (transportation of banned drugs).

David Bowie – 1976 (smoking marijuana in a public place).

Ms. Zha Gabor – 1989 (driving with a license expired).

Keanu Reeves – 1993 (driving in a state of intoxication).

Kurt Cobain – 1986 (illegal penetration in a state of intoxication, vandalism).

Larry King – 1971 (In December 1971, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud with money).

Mike Tyson – 1987 (assault and mutilation).

Mick Jagger, 1967 (illegal possession of drugs).

Mickey Rourke – 1994 (suspicion of ill-treatment with his wife).

Ozzy Osborn – 1984 (appearance drunk in a public place).

Russell Crowe – 2005 (fight).

Robert Downey Jr. – 1996 (drunk driving. During the search, heroin was found in the car).

Sid Viches, the late bass player of The Sex Pictols. Arrested on a charge of murder.

Steve McQueen – 1972 (driving in a state of intoxication).

Stephen Tyler – 1968 (possession of marijuana).

Tim Allen – 1978 (storage of cocaine).

Tupac Shakur – 1994 (suspicion of rape).

Wesley Snipes – 2008 (sentenced to three years for tax evasion).

Frank Sinatra, 23 years old. Arrested on charges of seduction. New Jersey, 1938.

Hugh Grant – 1995 (connection with a prostitute).

Axl Rose, vocalist of Guns & Roses. Arrested on March 14, 1992 – a fight, resistance to the police.

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