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Jet Lee is sick

The famous Chinese actor and master Wushu Jet Li has changed beyond recognition against the background of the diseases he suffers.

Even 5 years ago, the actor said that he suffered from heart failure, back problems and hyperthyroidism (an increase in the thyroid gland), but then he still looked good.

However, the last photo of the 55-year-old actor made in Tibet leaves no doubt that Jet Li is really very sick. He himself says that he is close to death, and his health was also affected by injuries sustained during filming during the execution of stunts.

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For LL, Jet Li contracted hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism (a syndrome caused by an increase in thyroid activity and an increase in thyroid activity).
A fan recently made a selfie with him during Jet Li’s trip to Tibet.

We wish him good luck and health!

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