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Intel and Micron will release high-resolution SSD with QLC NAND crystals

On the eve of Micron and Intel announced the release of 3D NAND memory chips with a density of 1 Tb. For this, QLC technology is used, which allows to increase the recording density in comparison with the TLC technology by 33%. Now we are talking about 64-layer chips, but Micron is preparing to switch to a 96-layer structure.

It is expected that the new drives will go on sale in the fall of 2018. It is obvious that the main consumers will be data centers, but Intel intends to establish the production of ultra-high-capacity SSDs for the consumer segment as well.

The announcement took place after Micron announced the redemption of its shares for $ 10 billion. Both news led to an increase in the value of Micron securities.

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