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Incredible luck of an entrepreneur (5 photos)

The incredible success of the hero of this post can only be envied. The fact is that in his office there was a robbery, as a result of which a safe was opened. There were money in the safe, but they remained untouched, as possible, we look further.

The story was told by the web user, who appears as klop09klop. In the office of his small company was a safe, the key of which he stored in his own stupidity … in one of the neighboring boxes.

In a safe there are usually not very large sums of money. That night was 33,200 hryvnia (1275 US dollars).

The robbers entered the office at about three o’clock in the morning, when the watchman slept soundly. They wrung out the plastic doors and entered the room.

The opened safe looked like this.

However, the money was in place, since they were kept suspended by a magnet and the thief simply did not notice anything. As a result, he stole only the Bulgarian and 334 hryvnia, which were in the box.

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