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Girls who were killed by love for bandits (7 photos)

In the 90 years, many girls were fascinated by the romance of the criminal world and relations with the bandits did not frighten them at all. Such were the heroines of this post, dreaming of a beautiful life, but their dreams were never to come true.

Alexandra Petrova, 1980-2000, winner of the Miss Russia 1996 competition

Sasha’s life ended two days before her 20th birthday. The girl became an accidental victim of gangster dismantling of two groups. In the mid-90s, the “beauty queen” had an affair with Konstantin Chuvilin, deputy director of the central market in the city of Cheboksary and a member of the Chapayevsky OPG. Petrova and Chuvilin began to live together. At the request of a civil husband, Sasha dropped out of her studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. It seemed to her that a beautiful life lay ahead.

Constantine and his partner Radik Akhmetov, director of the market, were shot in the entrance of the house of Chuvilin. Sasha was at that moment nearby.

Svetlana Kotova, 1975-1997, finalist of the Miss Russia 1996 competition

After participating in the contest, Kotova began to meet with the killer Alexander Solonik – the star of the criminal world of the 90’s. With Sasha the Macedonian, the beautiful girl got acquainted with New Year in a nightclub, and on January 25, 1997 she flew to Greece, where Solonik was hiding from both Russian authorities and enemies. Svetlana hardly guessed what her new man was doing. She planned to rest at the villa and leave Athens for Italy for another beauty contest. However, the Orekhovskaya OPG who hunted for Solonika came out on the trail of the killer. January 30, just 5 days after arriving in Athens, Kotova was brutally murdered with Solonik. February 2, 1997 in the villa was found the body of a strangled bandit. A suitcase with the remains of a 22-year-old Sveta was found only after three months: the murderers dismembered the body of the victim and were taken to the forest three kilometers from Athens.

Oksana Labittseva, 1969-2000, general director of the fish factory “Sadko” in Togliatti

Oksana Labitseva also called herself a queen – but not beauty, but business. Her king was Togliatti businessman Alik Hasanov, owner of the department store “Rus”, shoe factory “Leader”, fish factory “Sadko” and car factory “Slick”. Also Gasanov, in the past a motorcycle racer, sponsored the Togliatti speedway club “Mega-Lada” and spent several million rubles for the restoration of the city stadium “Stroitel”. At the same time, “Mega-Lada” financed not only the racing team, but also the Ruzlyaev OPG. Thus, Hasanov was friends with bandits, with the authorities, and with fellow entrepreneurs. So, he accumulated his capital thanks to AvtoVAZ. Owners of the plant provided Hasanov with cars for sale and for friendship did not demand immediate payment. Hasanov did not hurry to repay the debt for the cars sold.

In October 1996, Hasanova was shot on the threshold of a restaurant where he celebrated his 37th birthday. The murder was never solved, but after the death of the businessman it became known that he owed AvtoVAZ about 100 million rubles. Another version of the murder – the struggle for possession of the shopping center “Rus”.

Widowed Oksana Labintseva inherited her husband’s empire and was sure of her own immunity, but it turned out that none of Gasanov’s friends and partners are considered with her. Instead of condolences, Oksana received extortion and threats to her address. Because of multi-million debts, Mega-Lada was declared bankrupt, and the speedway club went under the control of the deputy of the regional Duma Anatoly Stepanov. Labintseva asked the mayor’s office to pay at least the municipal debts of the stadium, which her husband restored with his own money, but was refused – the Builder had to be sold.

Creditors and partners Hasanova, taking advantage of Oksana’s inability to conduct business, in parts, appropriated the assets of the deceased. In the hands of Labintseva there was only a fish factory “Sadko”, with the competent management of which (or a profitable sale), she could provide herself and two sons. But Labitseva did not want to put up with her humble position. Making a bet on the authority of her husband, she moved to the post of deputy of the City Duma and decided to start her own business. Oksana tried to solve questions “by concepts”, sought help from Chechen groups, but she could not become a tough business lady. It continued to terrorize various groups, and in September 2000, Oksana Labitsevu at the exit from the entrance to the point of fire, the killer Andrei Milovanov.


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