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Five examples of interviews with the stars from the magazine Interview, which announced the closure


David Bowie, actress “Very strange affairs” Millie Brown, Madonna and other artists of the past or the present.

May 22, it became known about the closure of the American magazine Interview after 49 years of work. The publication specialized in interviews, which often took its founder artist Andy Warhol. Over the years, he talked with hundreds of famous people: mostly with musicians, actors and directors, and the design of the publication for more than 20 years, engaged in the artist and friend of Warhol Richard Bernstein.

From 2011 to 2016, the Russian version of the magazine was published, the main editor of which was Alena Doletskaya. Due to the termination of the publication and the work of its electronic version on the Internet, it became almost impossible to find interviews with Russian authors. Many archival interviews of the original journal are also difficult to find on the web, but conversations of the last years of the publication are available on the main Interview website.

David Bowie: “Sooner or later the revolution will lead to civil war”.

The famous artist got on the cover of Interview more than once, so after Bowie’s death in January 2016, the authors of the magazine immortalized the memory of him with a selection of the main quotes of various years.

I would like to believe that people know what they are fighting for, why they want to organize a revolution and what exactly they did not like about society. The goal of society is to suppress the nature of many people, and I’m frightened that there was a division where one group says that another group should be killed.

You know that you can not kill anyone. Try and understand. The emphasis should not be on the revolution, it should be on communication. Otherwise, everything will simply become even more tense. Sooner or later the revolution will lead to civil war. (From an interview in March 1973).

David Bowie

Robert De Niro: “Everyone was auditioning for the role of Michael Corleone”

In August 2018, the actor and producer Robert De Niro will turn 75 years old, but he continues to act and film, participate in the life of Hollywood and communicate with the press. The last time the actor spoke with the publication of Interview in March 2012, although first appeared on the cover in 1993. In November 2018, the biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody on the soloist of the band Quenn Freddie Mercury should appear on the screens . De Niro was the producer of the picture.

Everyone was auditioning for the role of Michael Corleone (the main character of the trilogy “The Godfather” – note ). The whole fucking city went for tests. And Al Pacino was testing, but everyone already knew that for this role Francis Coppola wanted him. […]

It was a little difficult [to become a director]. I remember I asked various directors like Martin Scorsese about how to do these or other things. I also talked to other actors who were cast into directors, for example, with Danny De Vito. It’s not stress to make films yourself, it’s just that you feel a little uncomfortable, because when you play yourself, you are focused on specific things, and the director must monitor and direct all at once.

Robert DeNiro


Madonna: “I do not judge myself”

Like Bowie, the 1980s musical star repeatedly appeared on the covers of Interview, but her most popular interview for the publication dates back to 1985. Then she went to her first concert tour called The Virgin Tour .

I have a positive attitude towards life, I think they see it [girls listening to Madonna]. They understand more than anyone that I was a little girl from Michigan, and I had a dream, I worked very long and my dream came true. I believe in myself and now, more than ever, children need such people, whom they will look at, people with a positive life message. People who believe in dreams, magic and things that bring happiness. (From an interview in 1985). […]

I do not judge myself. If I’m getting on with something, then I already said in advance that I will be in bed. My children are forcing me to do many things that I usually did not do. I get angry because my son keeps getting me. I’m skiing, because the children were tired and asked for me. And I say: “Well, why not? I’ll screw up, so it’s all right. With this in fact, I have no problems. ” (From the interview in 2014).

pop singer

Milli Brown: “Going to work every day is very healthy”

In 2016 on Netflix came the sci-fi series “Very Strange Deeds”, and since then the life of the performer of one of the leading roles has changed. She was invited to various talk shows, and in 2019 with her participation will be released the film “Godzilla 2”. Interview magazine talked to the then 12-year-old Brown in October 2016.

[Shooting in “Very strange cases”] was a challenge. They were different from other roles, because usually I had a lot to say, in whole paragraphs. And in this series I realized that I should communicate not with the mouth, but with emotions. Instead of saying, “I’m angry” or “I’m sad,” I have to play it with a face, and it was a challenge. But I really liked this task. I like to play Dean. […]

I can not wait to go back to work again. As if I’m thirsty for this, and when I go out onto the playground, I’m not just happy to do my own thing, but I’m also happy to meet new people. The film crew is like a family, and I know them very well. It’s great to go to work every day. It seems so right to love your job and go to work every day.

Millie Brown

Kendrick Lamar: “New ideas come from everywhere”

Interview spoke with one of the most famous rappers of our time in the summer of 2017, when he released a new album “DAMN”. Most of the performer devoted his own experiences and fear of losing inspiration or again being poor, and also tried to answer the question, what are the cultural characteristics of a black man. In April 2018, Lamar was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for an album that embraced “all the complexities of modern African American life.”

I often think that my fans and people who live their life day after day will take [from my music]. Music is not for me, it’s for struggling people who want to hear someone who feels the same as they do. I have to try 100%, express myself right here and right now. […]

I wrote the text of my first album in my mother’s kitchen, and now I go around the world and hear people quote these lines, understand the story behind them, although they never lived where I grew up. […] [New ideas] come from everywhere, but now I think that initially they are born during the tours. I like to communicate with people, and I do not care if it’s a child or an 80-year-old woman, I talk to people. Then I return to the studio and look at what happened in a day.

Kendrick Lamar
rap artist
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